What Is a Monogram Machine?

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Use a monogramming machine to personalize items such as handkerchiefs.

A monogram is a design created from the initials of a person's, institution's or couple's names. Monogramming machines are commercial embroidery machines, used to embroider or applique fabric items with a client's monogram.

  1. Features

    • Unlike domestic embroidery machines or embroidery sewing machines, a monogram machine may have many needles that can all be threaded at one time. This means that all the colored threads necessary for a customer's design can be loaded onto the machine at once. Larger machines may be capable of embroidering many garments at a time. Modern monogram machines are usually computer controlled, capable of producing sophisticated designs.


    • A monogram machine lets you produce monogrammed items to order. Towels, napkins, school uniforms, handkerchiefs, T-shirts, caps and bags are just some of the items that may be monogrammed. A monogramming machine can therefore be a good business investment.


    • A monogram machine may be a good commercial investment, but if you are not planning to offer a monogramming service, it is probably better to consider a different option. A domestic embroidery sewing machine will fulfill most people's requirements.

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