Steel Vs. Wood Frame Building


Using steel is very environmentally sound. According to, two-thirds of all steel produced today comes from recycled steel. Steel frames can last decades without needing repair or replacements, unlike wood frames.


  • While steel typically costs more than wood, its price remains relatively consistent while the cost of wood fluctuates wildly, according to Budgeting is more accurate with steel material. There is less scrap and waste when using steel instead of wood, 2 percent and 20 percent respectively; so the overall cost of building with steel instead of wood may actually save money.


  • Steel is manufactured and will not have defects like the twists, knots or splits found when working with wood. Also, steel is not prone to cracking, warping or splitting like wood.


  • A steel frame will outlast a wood frame. Steel is not flammable and will survive a fire. Steel frames stand up against earthquakes and hurricanes better than wood frames. Also, termites, rot and mold don't affect steel frames.

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