Can Chiffon Fabric Be Dyed?


Chiffon is a French word that means cloth or rag. If it is made of cotton or silk, it takes dye beautifully.

Description of Chiffon

  • Chiffon can be made of silk or cotton, or synthetic fibers. It is very light and airy, with a twist in the weave that gives it small puckers in both directions. As a result, the fabric has stretch and a rough texture.

Natural Fibers Take Dyes

  • Chiffon made from silk or cotton responds very well to fabric dyes. The dye binds to the natural fibers, and because the fabric is so light, the color takes very well. Chiffon made of natural fibers can be dyed to match any color.

Synthetic Fibers Are Difficult to Dye

  • Chiffon made from synthetic fibers is difficult to dye. Polyester is the most common synthetic, and it repels dye.

Evening Wear

  • Chiffon is most commonly used in evening wear. Dyeing it to match shoes or jewelry is common.

Difficult to Work With

  • While Chiffon is easy to dye, its nature makes it difficult to work with. French, or bound, seams must be used to avoid fraying. The fabric is delicate and must be hand-washed, including during the dyeing process.

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