What Is Gel Stain?

Like traditional wood stain, gel stain helps bring out the natural beauty of wood. Its gelled consistency makes it ideal to use for applications where you would previously struggle to use traditional wood stain.

  1. Texture

    • Gel stain has a gelatin texture, which means it doesn’t run and drip like traditional stain.


    • You can use gel stain on any surface you would use traditional wood stain. Use it on any type of wood surface, plus non-wood surfaces like metal, fiberglass, veneer, plywood and molded fiberboard.

    Stain Vertically

    • If you have an upright surface, use gel stain so it adheres to the surface without running or dripping while you work. Gel stain is ideal for doors or molding.


    • The best way to apply gel stain is to liberally brush it onto your surface, in the same direction as the grain of the wood, with a foam paintbrush. After it sits for five minutes, use a clean cloth to wipe excess stain away.


    • The consistency of gel stain allows you excellent color control as you apply it to your surface. Expect to apply one or two coats to achieve the color you desire.

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