Wahoo Game Rules


Wahoo is a game in which each player attempts to move all his marbles from the starting point to the end zone. To do this, each player rolls dice and moves his marbles over a game board. Wahoo is a lot like Parcheesi.


  • Each player puts his four marbles in the start positions. To decide who goes first, dice are rolled over the game board. The player with the highest number starts.


  • For a player to move a marble from the starting position, he must roll a one or a six. After his marble is out of the starting position, he rolls a dice during his turn and moves his piece across the game board.

Extra Turns

  • In Wahoo, when each player rolls a one or a six, they are allowed to take another turn and roll the dice again. There is no limit to the extra turns they can take as long as they keep rolling ones or sixes.


  • Each player is allowed to capture his opponents' marbles by landing on them. If he does, then the piece is sent back to the player's starting area. A one or six must be rolled again for the marble to be released.


  • A player wins at Wahoo by moving every single one of his marbles from his starting position to his end zone at the other side of the game board.


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