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Easy to pair with everything and even easier to make, this nautically inspired knotted rope belt can be made in a few simple steps.

You will need:

  • Thick woven rope
  • E6000 glue
  • 4 large end caps
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1 large lobster clasp
  • Pliers
  • Sellotape

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1. Measure two pieces of rope to fit around your waist, then add 4 to 5 extra inches to each. Wrap the sellotape around the rope ends to prevent fraying when you cut it. Do this for all four ends, then cut the ropes to size through the tape.

Rope Belt  2

2. Fold both pieces of rope in half. Lay the looped sections one on top of the other, with the open ends facing opposite directions. Take the ends of the top rope and slide them under the bottom rope and through the center circle.

Rope Belt  5

3. Pull the two ends of the rope tightly to create the knot as seen below. Adjust the size of the belt by holding it up to your waist and cutting away any excess rope. Remember to secure the ends with sellotape again if necessary to prevent fraying.

Rope Belt  4

4. Apply glue to the inside of one large end cap.

Rope Belt  6

5. Slide one rope end into the end cap.

Rope Belt  7

6. Repeat this for the other three end caps and allow them to dry.

Rope Belt  9

7. Attach the large jump ring through both end caps on either side of the belt. Attach a lobster clasp to the other side to create the fastening.

Rope Belt  8

And there you have it! Your very own nautically inspired knotted rope belt.

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Photo credits: Geneva Vanderzeil

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