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With autumn upon us, it’s time to think about switching out the lightweight, brightly-colored clothes of summer with more seasonally appropriate items. Unless you have an amazingly large closet, chances are you’re keeping out-of-season clothing in storage. Here are some tips for packing up your warm-weather wardrobe to make room for your fall layers.

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Edit Your Wardrobe

As long as you’re going through all of your warm weather clothing, this is a great time to edit your wardrobe. Storage can be enough of a problem without the hassle of unused clothing taking up precious space. We all have at least a few items of clothing that simply don’t fit or we just don’t wear. Use this opportunity to get rid of items you no longer need. Those shorts that never fit quite right but you keep because they’re cool, or that shirt you haven’t worn in two years. Donate them. There’s no sense in wasting storage space on unnecessary clothing.


Clean Everything

Now that you’ve trimmed the fat off you wardrobe, it’s time to do some laundry. Before you stash any of your out-of-season clothing, make sure it’s clean. This will help keep your clothes in better condition for the next time you need them. Besides being abrasive, which can cause holes, dirt attracts bugs, like moths, to clothing. Wash all your cottons and linens, and have any tailored clothing, such as suits and sport coats, dry cleaned.

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Get Containers

If you don’t already have some, you’ll want to get some sturdy plastic containers. There are many options out there, and you can get them at any store that sells housewares. Clear plastic ones with clip-on lids are best. The lids will stay closed tightly and you’ll know what’s in them without having to open the bin and fish through everything. Get good ones so you can reuse them again and again as the seasons shift. Available in all shapes and sizes, deep ones are best for storing lots of items, while flat ones that fit under the bed can be a handy option if space is an issue.

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Get Garment Bags

If you own nice, tailored clothing, you should invest in garment bags for storage. The best ones are made of cloth, but plastic ones will keep your clothing fresh and clean just as well. Like plastic bins, these will be available in most stores that sell housewares, but try online for higher quality cloth bags. The idea is to keep dust off your clean clothes. In a pinch, even large black trash bags will do. Simply cut a hole for the hangers to slip through and remember to staple the bottom shut in case items slip off their hangers.

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Store Your Shoes Properly

You may have seasonal shoes that need storing as well. Dressier shoes should be kept on cedar shoe trees. These will not only help them keep their shape, but the cedar will also keep them fresh. For casual shoes, like boat shoes and canvas sneakers, wadded up newspaper stuffed in the toe should work just fine. If you can, keep them in boxes. If not, make sure that when you put your shoes away they are not crushed under other things in the closet.

We may not want to admit that summer is over by putting away our warm-weather clothes, but these tips should keep them fresh for the next time the temperatures rise. Now you’ll have room in the closet for all that tweed and corduroy you’ve been missing.

Photo credits: An Affordable Wardrobe, amazon.com, justplasticboxes.com, woodlore.com

Photo credits: An Affordable Wardrobe

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