Moms, Here Are 9 Signs You Need More Sleep


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When I was pregnant with my daughter, other parents would cackle, “Make sure you get your sleep NOW because you’re never going to get it again!”  I only heard this, oh, four hundred million times and I mentally assured myself (after mentally rolling my eyes) after each warning that the sleep deprivation would be limited to the infant years.

Boy, was I wrong.

After fussy infants come toddler night terrors.  After toddler night terrors come preschoolers who like to crawl in bed with you.  And, from what I hear, after that comes more and more activities and, well, let’s just say my parents are STILL catching up on their sleep, even though they’ve been empty nesters for 17 years now.

Sound familiar? 

If so, you may be able to relate to these 9 Signs You Need More Sleep:

  The only word you’re capable of uttering in the morning is “COFFEE.”

8. You don’t even have the strength to peruse Pinterest boards before bed.

7.  You buy under-eye concealer in bulk.

6. Your alarm clock ringtone is the sound of a woman weeping.

5. Instead of “Wheels on the Bus,” you find yourself singing, “The mom in the bed goes ‘yawn,’ ‘yawn,’ ‘yawn’…”

4. You look at your computer keyboard and think, “This would make a really nice pillow.”

Your friends tell you a hacker has leaked some naughty pictures from Ryan Gosling’s cell phone and you don’t immediately search the Internet for them.

2. You check the treadmill dashboard to see how far you’ve gone the past hour and it says “PRESS START WHEN READY.”

1. The only thing on your holiday wish list is “a nap.”

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