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When it comes to a DIY rehab, I am 100% committed. Get me my paintbrush and let’s do this!

My project for the day — turn this old rusty mailbox into something fabulous! But before we get down to some serious DIY business, take a glimpse of the pre-glam shot of our soon-to-be revamped friend …

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First up, the tacky medallion on the front had to go. With the help of a flat-head screwdriver, this eyesore easily popped right off. It left behind two nail holes, and I used a power drill to create two more, which left me with four evenly spaced holes. Whatever for, you say? Keep reading …

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Next up, a solid coat of black matte spray paint.

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Followed by a few painted stripes in ivory.

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Finally, to help save the mailman any confusion (but mainly to add a fun twist), I installed four initialed drawer pulls in the drilled holes.

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There you have it! A fun, functional and gloriously rehabbed mailbox for a fraction of the cost of buying new. What’s not to love? Other than those pesky bills that like to show up uninvited …

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— Cara Wilkerson writes the real estate and home improvement blog Live the Home Life

Photo Credit: Cara Wilkerson

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