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I love babies. I would pay a million dollars to go back in time to spend just a day with my girls as babies… sigh.  Since I have a few years before I have grandbabies (hear that girls, not anytime soon), I leaped at the opportunity to help friends and clients organize their baby stuff. I was asked to put my professional mom/organizational skills to the test as I attempted one of Ziploc®’s Fresh 180 challenges.

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Baby clothes can accumulate quickly and take up a lot of space – don’t let the little sizes fool you. Here’s how to get organized:

Toss Soiled and Spoiled Clothes 

The greatest thing about little onesies is you can fit so many in a drawer. The worst part is you can fit so many in a drawer. Dig through all the onesies, pants, bibs, and other often-used items and toss away what’s stained. If you’re expecting another baby, you will never use the yucky clothes again. (And, you will probably have another baby shower.)


Organize by Size

Go through each item and categorize according to the size ranges. Pack up whatever your baby has outgrown and put it all into a Ziploc® Brand Space Bag.  Quickly turn half the drawer into flat little plastic (and clean) packets, full of clothes you can easily use again if and when the time is right. If you decide the stork will no longer stop at your door, you can give a wonderful compact gift to an expecting girlfriend.


Choose Some Keepsakes

It’s fun for you and your grown children to look through old keepsakes. Hold up a tiny little shoe to your grown child’s sneaker and smile!  Protect those mementos by placing all that matters in Ziploc® Brand freezer bags and seal them tight.  Keep some things to show your grandchildren and be sure to keep a few embarrassing items so you can be the cool, funny grandparent.


Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.


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