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Do you burn through candles like there’s no tomorrow, but can’t bear to throw away the remaining wax-encrusted glass holders? Then do I have the solution for you! This fun (and fantastically simple) DIY project helps you enjoy custom candles all year round, while still having the satisfaction of recycling those leftover glass holders.

The Supply List

  • Glass votive holders
  • Laser jet printer
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scissors

We’ll start by removing the old wax. To do this, place the candle holder in a sauce pan with a couple inches of water. Heat the water over medium-low heat until the warm water melts the wax. Pour the wax in the trash, rinse the candle holder and dry with a clean towel.

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Using a laser jet printer, print several designs to use as your decals. Black ink works best so be sure to print your images in grayscale. Cover each image with a piece of clear packing tape. If your image is too large to fit within one strip of tape, use two side-by-side with the pieces barely overlapping. Press the tape to each image firmly to make sure the toner grabs hold.

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Cut around your images and soak in warm water for 10 minutes.

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Remove your decals from the water and pat dry. Using your finger, rub the paper from the packing tape. The ink will remain on the tape.

Position your decal on the glass votive holder and press until the decal takes hold, using your finger to smooth away any air bubbles.

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Voila! An easy, customized votive candle proudly crafted by you. The best part? When you get tired of your design, just peel off the tape and start fresh with a brand-new decal. Happy crafting!

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Photo Credit: Cara Wilkerson

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