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Want to look like you lost 30 pounds in one afternoon?

You may be asking how that’s possible.  You can create this slimming illusion by refashioning an ill fitting skirt and shirt. Wearing clothes that fit well makes all the difference in the world. Let’s get busy working out our refashion muscles. Gather up your gear, and choose a skirt and shirt from your favorite thrift store.

Warm up by measuring…

…and marking the desired skirt length from the bottom of the hem.




Cut along this line to create a new waistline.

Measure the largest part of your hips and add about 4 inches for fullness. Use this measurement to cut off the sides to fit. Get those scissor muscles going, and trim, trim, trim.


Are you starting to feel thinner already? I am! Now take it up a notch and with the right sides together, pin and sew new half inch skirt side seams.

Big breath in, big breath out…..

Keep breathing while you measure…

and cut the desired bodice length.

Now raise your arms for a little upper arm workout and switch your machine to the longest stitch length.

Using the longest stitch length, baste along the upper edge of your skirt. Pull the bobbin thread to gather the skirt to fit the bottom of the bodice.

Keep your right sides together and place the bodice inside the skirt. And ease and pin. And ease and pin. And ease and pin.

Keep going, you can do it! Sew the skirt to the bodice using a half inch seam along the pinned edge.

Now feel the burn and cut a quarter inch piece of elastic two inches shorter than your waist measurement. Mark the center and each quarter.


Ready for the cool down now….. breathe in, breathe out…..and slowly, slowly, pin the elastic onto the half inch bodice/skirt seam.

Be sure to slowly match the centers and the side marks.

Now slowly, slowly match the ends of the elastic with the center back mark. Breathe in, breathe out.

Switch your machine to a zig zag stitch.

Now stretch and stretch the elastic slightly as you sew it onto the seam allowance. Stretch and breathe. Stretch and sew. Stretch and sew. Stretch and sew. Stretch and breathe.

YOU DID IT! 30 pounds lighter!!! In one afternoon.

I knew you could do it!



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