What Is Nike Dri-FIT?


Dri-FIT is part of the FIT -- Functional Innovative Technology -- line of fabrics developed by Nike. This fabric -- used to make shorts, shirts, socks, pants and more -- is designed to help wick perspiration away from your body. The sweat-management properties of Dri-FIT help keep you dry, comfortable and moving freely, which can help enhance any athletic performance.

Dri-FIT Basics

  • Made of polyester, spandex and nylon blends, Dri-FIT apparel is designed for people with an active lifestyle who want their clothing to move with them instead of clinging to their bodies. Dri-FIT fabrics breathe, are lightweight and help keep you dry, thanks to the material’s fiber construction. Perspiration is pulled away from your skin through the material to the outer surface of the garment. There it can evaporate, helping you stay dry, cool and comfortable.

Dri-FIT Family

  • Nike Dri-FIT fabrics include UV, Knit, Touch and Wool. These fabrics address the need for comfort in different conditions while maintaining the wicking properties. Dri-FIT UV garments provide ultraviolet protection. Dri-Fit Knit, a very soft, lightweight fabric, is made with different knit patterns and an open texture. It breathes easy and may be used in the key sweat zones of a garment. Dri-FIT Touch is even lighter, with a soft, natural feel. Garments made with this fabric help you stay cool even in hot conditions. Dri-FIT Wool fabric is made of a blend of lamb's wool and polyester and helps you stay warm. The blend construction promotes breathability.


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