Which Is the Best Air Purifier?


Air purifiers are an ideal way to keep your home free of polluted and unhealthy air. It's very important to choose one that's reliable and works well. Look for information about how often you need to change the filter and if a particular brand has a reputation for doing a good job of cleaning the air. Also, make sure an air purifier is the right one for you if you have health problems or pets.


  • Indoor air that's polluted can cause illness and aggravate health problems from asthma to chemical sensitivities. Air purifiers eliminate many pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold and mildew and make the air healthier in your home. There are many brands and each may have different features. An air purifier with a Clean Air Delivery Rating is a convenient way of letting you compare air purifiers so you'll know which one may be best for your needs. Never buy an air purifier without checking or researching everything about it.


  • HEPA air purifiers are ideal if you suffer from allergies. It needs to be a true HEPA air purifier or it won't do an efficient job of eliminating particles from dust, pollen and pet dander. This means it has to have a certain kind of filter that captures particles at .3 microns in diameter. Filters need to be replaced often. Air purifiers with NON-HEPA filters are for decreasing dust, dirt and common allergens. This type doesn't work for getting rid of odors.

Chemical Elimination

  • Multiple chemical sensitivity causes a variety of symptoms such as nausea, headaches, fatigue and aching joints and muscles when you're around many kinds of chemicals. If you suffer from this, you'll need an air purifier that doesn't put more chemicals into the air like sealants, gaskets and glues. The IQ Air GC Series is made specifically for removing gaseous chemicals and doesn't leak chemicals. Another benefit of this type of air purifier is the housing is made of a plastic that doesn't give off any gas. You can change the gas filter cartridges separately from other filters in the air clean which prevents cross contamination.

Less Noise

  • The Blueair air purifier is an excellent option for removing pollution and allergens. If you're looking for an air purifier that is quiet than Blueair is the one for you. This purifier removes particles in stages. Stage 1 captures large particles from the air and stages 2 and 3 remove odors. This decreases clogging so air moves faster through the filter resulting in great performance and efficiency. Blueair purifiers are available with a filter that stops smoke because it has a lot of extra activated carbon. There are eleven different models of Blueair air purifiers for you to choose from.


  • One of the best air purifiers to help improve your allergies is the Austin Air Allergy machine. It has a Medical-grade True HEPA filter and removes close to 100 percent of particulate pollutants. The filter last for three to five years. Another advantage of the Austin Air Allergy Machine is there are no off-gas chemicals due to the solid steel construction. It also has a high efficiency of gas absorption with an advanced military carbon cloth which absorbs odors and gases.

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