Hidden Object Games to Play Online

A hidden object game, or hidden picture game, is a type of puzzle game in which you find items that are hidden within a picture. Most hidden object games are on sites that charge a fee to download and play. Occasionally, you will be allowed to play a free trial of the game. When playing hidden object games, there may also be other puzzles in the game you will need to solve.

  1. BigFishGames.com

    • BigFishGames.com has almost 100 hidden object games to play free online. The site has more than 100 hidden object games to download, with PC and Mac options. Each game has a free trial allowing you one hour of game play time. Most of the games are around $10 to download the full version, as of 2010. You can also pay a monthly membership of $6.99, which gives you one free game of your choice to download every month, as well as extra members-only rewards.


    • iWin.com has more than 300 hidden object games available. You can download them for a fee after your one-hour free trial is over. Some games only come with a 30-minute free trial, but others are free to play such as The Secret of Margrave Manor, G.H.O.S.T. Hunters, Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow, and Hidden Wonders of The Depths.


    • GameHouse.com has 100 online hidden object games for free play, as well as free download versions for PC and Mac. It also offers versions with more levels and other features as paid downloads. Subscriptions are $6.99 per month as of 2010 and include one download per month with 30 percent off additional games.

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