Red & White Hybrid Roses

Bicolor roses provide interest and focus in the home garden, and few are more dazzling than red-and-white roses. The whites range from creamy to bright white, while the red ranges from crimson to a deep, almost burgundy red.

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  • Red-and-white roses can be found in most classes, including tree roses. Look to floribundas for an upright, heavy bloomer with single to fully double flowers in clusters. Hybrid tea and grandiflora roses have a bushy habit and prickly stems. Roses may be single, semi-double and double, which refers to the number of petals on the flower rather than the size of the plant.


  • Red-and-white roses may have vertical stripes of red and white or appear as if spattered with red paint. Others have cream-colored bases tipped in red. Introduced prior to the 16th century, Rosa Mundi is a semi-double crimson rose that has both speckles and stripes of white and dark pink.


  • Scentimental is a floribunda rose with large, 4-to-6-inch flowers of deep, dark red contrasted with crisp white stripes and surrounded by dark green leaves. A grandiflora, Rock & Roll -- also called Stretch Johnson/Tango -- is available as a tree or shrub rose. The creamy white flowers are heavily painted and spattered with burgundy and red.

    Double Delight hybrid tea rose is creamy white with strawberry red markings on the outer ring of petals. The buds of the Dick Clark grandiflora tree rose are so red they appear almost black. As the flower blooms, swirls of creamy white and cherry appear. Peppermint Twist is a double rose that blooms singly or in small clusters on upright canes. The plant grows to about 4 1/2 feet.


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