Diet to Reset Taste Buds


Taste buds acclimate to our diet. They respond to what they are used to. Known as neuron-adaptation, less sensitivity to flavor results. As our taste receptors become saturated with high doses of sugar, salt and fat they become less effective. Most people respond by revving up their fat, salt and sugar intake. However, resetting your taste buds is a better response. Resetting cuts down cravings and restores flavor's original impact. This simple process will have you on the way to better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.


Processed food is made tastier artificially. Adding chemicals increases pleasure reactions in our taste buds. Artificially high fat, high sugar and high salt increases food’s enjoyability but by consuming highly stimulating foods on a routine basis we become immune to taste. To reset your taste buds it is essential that your diet is free from chemically added flavoring, excess fat, sugar and salt.


Dieting to reset taste requires cleansing both your system and your palate. Tongues are lined with taste buds. Buds are composed of taste cells. On the tip of each cell is a receptor. Receptors differentiate between bitter, sweet, sour and salt flavors. When the tongue becomes coated with bacteria the taste receptors are less effective. To increase your sense of taste, make tongue cleansing a part of your daily routine.

Foods & Time Frame

Your goal is to enjoy a wide array of subtle flavors. Weaning off fats, sugar and salt will greatly help to restore your original taste threshold. Twenty-eight to 30 days is the recommended timeline to change your habits. It is a rule of thumb that by practicing anything for 28 to 30 days you will have formed a habit. Kathy Balland, in her book "Lose the Diet: Transform Your Body by Connecting with Your Soul," states it should take between 30 and 90 days to reset your sense of taste. Celery, lettuce, salt-free broth, organic chicken breasts, whole grains, organic vegetables and fresh organic fruit should become your diet staples. You will learn to appreciate their natural flavor as your taste buds adjust. Drink plenty of distilled water during this process. Water flushes toxins out of your system, speeding the process.

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