Ink Stain Remedies


Stains on clothes or other fabrics are an ongoing battle in life, but there are effective ways to remove all of them. One of the most difficult stains to get out, however, is ink, as it can set into the fabric as much as the colors of the thread in the fabric itself. There are a number of products that can be bought at any hardware or grocery store that can remove these stains, as well as home remedies for ink stain removal.

Light Ink Stain

  • For a light ink stain, such as from newspaper print or the mark or a pen itself, the stain should be able to removed without many chemicals or much difficulty. Simply take a cotton swab and dip it in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Then rub the moistened swab over the ink stain lightly. If the ink doesn't come up initially, add more pressure and it should bleed out of the fabric and onto the alcohol-soaked cotton. As the alcohol dries, it will also dry up the small amount of ink. Then, either wash or dry-clean the garment. This works only on small, light ink stains.

Deeper Ink Stains

  • For deeper ink stains that have set, more household cleaning mixtures are often needed to properly remove the stain. A home dry-cleaning solvent should be bought to remove ink stains (and many other stains, for that matter) and used for this process. It comes in liquid form, so pour a small amount of the dry-cleaning solvent onto the stain and blot it until the bleeding stops, moving the stained area as the paper towel or rag absorbs up the ink from the garment. This should remove most of the stain, but if it still remains, treat it with a mild synthetic detergent and household ammonia. Allow that to sit for a moment and then wash.

Glycerin and Detergent

  • Another way to remove these ink stains on your own is with glycerin and detergent. By taking a cotton swab and dabbing it in glycerin, you can rub this in gently. If you don't have glycerin, certain types of hair spray will also work. Once the stain is wet with this, apply some gentle detergent to a fresh cotton swab and rub it in on top of the glycerin or hair spray until it makes a gentle lather. Then wash the garment in cold water in a regular wash cycle. However, before you put the garment in the dryer, make sure it is stain-free, as the heat from the dryer will set the stain.

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