Homemade Driveway Degreaser


People who work on their cars at home often find themselves in need of something to take spilled oil and grease off their driveways. If you allow oil to sit on your concrete driveway, garage floor or carport, it can leave an unsightly stain and may create a hazardous slippery spot on the floor.

Removing Surface Grease

  • You can use several easy-to-find materials to absorb surface grease from your driveway. One of the easiest to use is clay-based cat litter. Simply pour a thick layer of the cat litter granules over the grease. Allow it to sit for several hours and then sweep up the granules, which will have absorbed most of the grease or oil. The litter will not absorb the grease that has already soaked into the concrete, however.

Removing the Stain

  • To remove the remaining stain from the concrete of your driveway, apply a layer of de-greasing dish washing liquid to the stain, and give it a few minutes to begin breaking up the oils. Use a scrub brush to get the soap down into any cracks and crevices in the concrete. Rinse with very hot water to remove the soap and wash away the oil. This method also works with laundry detergent.

    Another method is to pour cola on the stain. Any brand of cola will work. Simply pour the soda on the stain and scrub vigorously. The acid in the cola will break up the oil and wash it away. This method is safe to use around children and pets because the cola is nontoxic. Just be sure to rinse the spot thoroughly, or you may attract unwanted insects into your carport or garage.

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