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Grease marks and stains on clothes, appliances, walls and other household items will eventually set and make removal harder. While there are many household grease removal products on the market, the majority contain harsh, possibly harmful chemicals, and the cost can often be prohibitive. Many people are turning to using a home remedy for grease removal. You can use simple, safe ingredients already found in most homes.

Fabric Grease Removers

  • For immediate treatment of clothing, blot the grease mark with a paper towel or clean cloth. Then sprinkle table salt, cornstarch or baking soda on the stain. Let this sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Brush the powder off the fabric. Now use a little dish washing liquid mixed with the hottest water you can stand on a clean washcloth, and work it into the stain. Be careful not to spread any residual grease. Blot the clothing or rinse it off in very hot water.

    For stains that have already set, pretreat the fabric with baking soda and warm water mixed to the consistency of paste. Let it sit for several minutes, and soak the stain in mild detergent and warm/hot water. Wash the clothing. For stubborn grease, add up to 2 tbsp. baking soda to the wash.

    For automotive-type grease, scrape off as much as you can with the sharp edge of a straight, flat-bladed knife or razor blade. Then apply either baking soda or cornstarch, and let it set overnight. Launder the fabric in very hot water with about 1 cup of ammonia.

Carpet Grease Removers

  • Blot up any fresh grease spills immediately with a paper towel. Scrub with a small brush, baking soda and hot water. Blot again and pour table salt or baking soda onto the stain, and allow it to remain there overnight. Vacuum up the powder.
    If a stubborn stain remains, Eartheasy.com recommends spreading a mixture of equal parts vinegar, salt and borax on the stain and letting it dry overnight before vacuuming the carpet.

Additional Tips

  • You can easily remove stubborn grease on appliances or kitchen walls by dipping a warm, wet washcloth or sponge into baking soda--or mixing a paste of the same--and scrubbing the stain well. Baking soda is a natural abrasive that will not damage surfaces.

    Lipstick and lip balms also contain greasy oils and waxes, which can stain clothing. You can usually remove these by dabbing isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the stain before laundering.

    Remove grease from leather and suede by gently sponging the spot with a cloth dipped in white or cider vinegar. Let suede dry before brushing the nap with a brush.

    For immediate treatment of grease spills on wooden, tile or linoleum floors, wipe up the grease immediately and wash the area with hot water and vinegar.

    Always check laundered or treated clothing for any remaining stains before drying.

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