Home Remedy for Cleaning Water Pipes


Drains and pipes often become clogged after years of use. If a plunger does not unclog the pipes, then further treatment is needed. Many commercial, chemical and drain cleaners are available. These products are poisonous and corrosive. They must be used carefully. Instead of resorting to the use of chemicals there are natural, home remedies for pipe cleaning that you can try.


  • Try the simplest method first. Pour boiling hot water down the drain. This may loosen any clogs and push dirt, and debris, through the pipes. The hotter the water, the better this method will work. Be careful not to injure yourself. Repeat if necessary.

    Add baking soda to the pipes. Pour 3 cups of baking soda directly down the drain. Follow with boiling water. Baking soda is alkaline. It will dissolve when mixed with hot water, and the liquid will work its way down the pipe and will clear the pipes of any clogs. If this method does not work, add vinegar to the mix. Put a half cup of baking soda into the drain and add a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar. When mixed, these two ingredients create a natural foaming action that will work to clean the pipes. Cover the drain tightly and seal all outlets for the drain. Let the mixture sit for a few hours and then rinse with hot water.

    Use a salt mixture to clean pipes that are clogged with grease. Mix half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda. Pour down the drain. Follow with enough boiling water to completely moisten the mixture and any clogs. Let it stand overnight and then flush with hot water.

    Maintain clean drains with a lemon juice and baking soda mixture. Pour a half cup lemon juice down the drain. Add 1 cup of lemon juice. Flush the drain with warm water after the mixture stops foaming. Repeat this process once a week to keep the pipes clean. Vinegar can replace the lemon juice in this remedy.

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