Natural Ways to Kill Pinworms


Pinworms are intestinal parasites that infest the intestines of humans. They are white and slightly translucent, and are generally no longer than a staple. Pinworms cause intense itching around and inside the anus, but they do not pose any serious health risks. It's important to treat a pinworm infestation thoroughly, in order to get rid of them and prevent re-infestation.

Natural Remedies for Pinworms

  • Prescription medication is usually given to expel pinworms. But if you would rather go the natural route, try adding extra garlic to your diet. Kevin Pederson of Home Remedies for You says that garlic is effective in killing pinworms. Eat a few cloves on a daily basis. You can also mix less than half of a pinch of ground garlic with petroleum jelly and spread the resulting paste around your anal region. The paste will kill any pinworms and eggs that are present, and relieve itchiness.

    According to Fat Free Kitchen, powdered fenugreek seeds, tomatoes, cranberries, papayas, bitter melon seeds and pumpkin seeds are all effective in killing and preventing pinworms and other intestinal parasites.

    Inward Bliss also suggests black walnut, wormword, tansy tea, hagenia, kaljoni and male fern as natural remedies for parasitic worms such as pinworms.

    Besides treating yourself or infected household members for pinworms, you must cleanse the home environment of them. Implement a daily regimen of washing clothes and bed linens, cleaning toilet seats and bath tubs after every use, and vacuuming carpets and mopping floors at least once a day.


  • If you have pinworms, it's important to treat the infestation until it clears up. In addition to being diligent with removing pinworms from your home, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your anal region to avoid the possibility of spreading pinworms and pinworm eggs to other parts of your body, household surfaces or family members. Frequently change and wash underwear, pajamas, towels and linens to remove any lingering pinworms or eggs and reduce the chance of spreading the infection.

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