Young Adult Party Games


Party games can make young adult gatherings more fun and memorable for both host and guests and ensure that the good times roll. The right party games will keep things interesting and have your guests asking when your next party is going to be.

Ice World

  • Ice World is a game where the person who is "it" freezes unexpectedly during the party and the other guests follow suit by ceasing to talk and holding the body position they are in. All guests try to hold their position for as along as possible and the first person to move after freezing loses. The loser becomes the next "it" and must also answer a personal question posed by the other guests.

Master Chef

  • Master Chef is a food game based on the popular food competitions aired on cable television. Fill a large table with lots of ingredients such as meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and seasonings. Have guests divide into teams and give each team an index card that asks them to create an appetizer, entree or dessert. Set a stopwatch for 30-minutes. When the alarm goes off, all teams must stop instantly. Everyone grabs plates, tastes the food and then votes on whose dish is the best.

Whose Truth

  • Whose Truth is an icebreaker game perfect for gatherings where party guests may not know each other very well. Give each guest three index cards and ask them to write one unusual fact about themselves on each card and then deposit them into a fishbowl. Guests randomly draw cards from the fishbowl and guess who the cards are about. Each time a guest guesses correctly, she gets one point. The guest with the most points at the end is the winner.

The "Yes" Game

  • The "Yes" Game is a game where guests are prohibited from saying, "yes," during your party. As people arrive, give them beaded party necklaces and inform them that they are not allowed to say, "yes." If one guest tricks another guest into saying, "yes," she gets to take the other guest's necklace and wear it herself. The guest with the most beaded party necklaces at the end of the evening wins.


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