Homemade Wood Shutters


You can design and install custom wooden shutters for your home using simple carpentry skills and tools. Shutters should accent and complement the design of your home, and can also protect your home during bad weather. You can choose plain wood, wood with cutouts, strips of wood accented with crosspieces or louvered shutters. Use appropriate caution and safety measures when using power tools and ladders.

Decorative Shutters

  • Decorative shutters, as the name implies, are not functional. Therefore, their installation and construction is simple. Measure the exterior dimension of the windows to which you plan to apply shutters. The shutters on each side of the window should be half as wide as the window so that they look proportional. Choose a shutter design that complements the architecture of your house. Build or cut your shutters to size. Finish, prime and paint your shutters, then attach them to your house.

Functional Shutters

  • Functional shutters can be closed to protect your windows. They are usually mounted on hinges and may have hardware that secures them in a closed or open position. Choose a shutter design that complements the architecture of your house, as with decorative shutters. Functional shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window casing. Measure carefully so that the shutters will fit together snugly without overlap and cover the window completely. Build or cut your shutters to size. Finish, prime and paint your shutters then attach them to your house.

Storm Shutters

  • If you live in an area that may be subject to severe storms, you may wish to install storm shutters to protect your windows, home and family. Storm shutters are generally stronger, larger and more substantial than the functional shutters that usually adorn homes. In addition to covering windows, storm shutters are sometimes used to protect doors. Storm shutters are usually made from 5/8-inch thick, exterior-grade plywood rather than more attractive and expensive wood. The storm shutters should extend at least 4 inches beyond the exterior dimensions of the wall or door they will be protecting, and be secured to your home with bolts that extend at least 1.75 inches into the wall. For masonry homes, use expansion bolts and anchors.


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