What Can You Use to Get Labels Off Jars?


Your old glass jars have many uses, whether for food storage, craft projects, or decor. Of course, there is the matter of removing the product's label from the jar. While removing labels from jars may seem a little tricky, all it takes is a bit of time and effort.


  • Using water is a simple and effective way to remove labels from glass jars, particularly if you have several to do at once.

    Begin by filling your sink with warm water. Fill your jar with warm water as well. This will prevent the jar from floating, allowing the water to better dissolve the adhesive.

    Carefully place the jar into the sink. The water will need several hours to do its work, depending on the thickness of the label and the strength of the adhesive. You should ideally leave the jar to soak overnight.

    The next morning, remove the jar from the sink and pour out the extra water. You may be able to remove most of the label with your fingertips. Wash the jar afterward, taking care to scrub off any excess adhesive.


  • In the case of more stubborn adhesives, you may need to use oil to remove the label. This method works well when combined with a soak in warm water.

    Take a quantity of cooking oil and rub it into the label, making sure it is completely saturated. Put the jar in a safe place where it will not be disturbed and let the oil set for several hours. Afterward, simply scrape off as much of the label as you can using your fingertips or a knife. Wash the jar thoroughly to remove any excess adhesive.


  • You may prefer to use a product specially designed to remove adhesives. These are available at any grocery or hardware store. Goo Gone is a popular choice.

    When using any chemical on any surface, be careful. Read the product information carefully and make sure it is safe to use on your jar. Test the product on an inconspicuous part of the jar before use.

    To remove the label, apply a quantity of product to a folded-up piece of paper toweling. Apply the towel to the label and leave the product to set for an hour. Once enough time has elapsed, remove the towel and peel or scrape off the label. Wash the jar thoroughly to remove excess product and adhesive.

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