Bathroom Ceiling Ideas


The ceiling of the smallest room in the house makes the perfect canvas for creative decorating ideas. You can afford to use more expensive materials here, because you won't need as many of them. And what might be overkill in a large room can be the perfect touch in the bathroom.


  • Paint is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to transform a room. For a bathroom, select good quality ceiling or enamel paint. A bright, contrasting color works well in a bathroom's small space, drawing the eye upward. Or paint the ceiling one color, then tape off a border and paint a second contrasting color. Let your inner Michelangelo shine and paint a mural on your ceiling.

    Create a sky with pale blue paint, dappled with white clouds. Or go for a nighttime look with dark blue or black paint and twinkle-light stars.


  • Cover your ceiling with old barn wood or rough cedar for a rustic look. Or use tongue-and-groove cedar to invoke the feel of a European sauna.

    If your ceiling has imperfections you need to hide, use a staple gun to attach lattice panels or bamboo reed fencing to disguise the flaws and give your bathroom a new look.


  • Ceiling tiles are an easy way to add a custom look to any bathroom. Attach mirror tiles, either all the same or in a checkerboard of clear and frosted tiles.

    For an antique look, use embossed tin or copper tiles. Or choose teak wood tiles.

    Attach cork tiles, and you can tack a rotating gallery of art and posters to your ceiling.


  • Speaking of art, your bathroom ceiling is a great place to add interest with paintings, posters or vintage advertisements. Protect artwork from moisture by sealing it in clear plastic or framing it behind glass. And keep the valuable masterpieces in a drier, more prominent place.

    Are you a collector? Display your collection on shelves lining the bathroom wall next to the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Tack postcards or even license plates to the ceiling. Feel free to be whimsical.


  • Don't forget to finish your ceiling with the right lighting. Whether you choose a retro globe or modern sunken canister lights, lighting is part of your ceiling's décor. For an unexpected touch of elegance, hang a small crystal chandelier.


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