Gypsy Bedroom Ideas


There are many ways to create a free-spirited gypsy bedroom. What began as a name for certain ethnic groups of wandering laborers has expanded into an exotic, romanticized notion of tarot card readers, crystal balls, and a lifestyle of freedom. Celebrate this with an unusual living space.

Colors and Textures

  • Gypsy colors should be rich, bright and varied. Deep reds, purples, blues and gold are especially common gypsy colors. However, a young girl may be more comfortable surrounded by lighter shades, such as pink.

    Textures should be lavish and eccentric. Silk, satin and velvet should be complemented with beads, tassels, gems, sparkles and glitter.


  • As a base, paint the room a rich color such as purple, crimson or turquoise. Adhere gemstones or mix the paint with glitter for a shiny, shimmery look.

    Consider lining the walls with long, gauzy curtains in a variety of alternating colors. This gives the room a more transient and less permanent feel. Allow the curtains to layer across windows, walls and doors to completely surround the room. They can be pulled back and tied together with thick, tasseled cords later to showcase openings, such as doors. For an added touch, hang the curtains from decorative rods.

    Consider hanging long strands of beads around the windows and doors. These add sparkle and sound to the room.

    For a rich, elaborate touch, consider creating a "tent" in the room. Drape a richly colored fabric, such as gossamer, from the ceiling to the walls.

Curtains & Canopies

  • Furniture should be tasteful and elegant. The bed can have a built-in canopy or sit beneath a canopy hung from the ceiling. The bedspread should be made from a rich color and texture. It should also be adorned with liberal amounts of soft and beaded pillows.

    A soft, velvet sofa is another nice touch. It can be placed beside a window or other light source to provide an ideal location for reading, napping or simply enjoying the ambiance of the room. Hang a canopy above it.

    Canopies can be created from curtains hung from a central location on the ceiling. Be sure to use enough cloth that the curtain hangs from the ceiling to the floor.

    Incorporate bean bag chairs and large quantities of cushions into the room. These can be simple and soft or elaborately beaded with tassels.

    Paint any additional furniture, such as dressers and nightstands, to match the feel of the room. Consider draping long fabrics over the top.


  • Colored glass jars, brightly colored containers, and candles are all wonderful gypsy accents. Try to keep an Arabian feel in all decorations for added authenticity.

    A chandelier can replace the main light fixture in the room. Add lamps that have beads and crystals to refract light around the room. Sprinkle any available, flat surfaces with a variety of large, fake gemstones.

    Consider adding a crystal ball or tarot card deck to the room as another gypsy decoration.


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