Drinks to Make With Raspberry Vodka


Raspberry vodka can be used in all kinds of drinks: mixed drinks, martinis and hot drinks. It gives any drink that sweet berry taste. Here are a few drinks made with raspberry vodka that cover two of the most extreme weather seasons. You have the hot summer refreshing drinks and the bitter cold of winter comfort offerings.

Cool Summertime Raspberry Drinks

  • When entertaining and you want to serve up some light fruity beverages for a warm summer evening, these raspberry vodka drinks will fit the bill.

    Aruba--this drink named after an island. It is very light, cool and fruity. Fill a tall 10- to 12-oz. glass with ice all the way to the top. Pour in 2 oz. of raspberry vodka and 1 oz. of Chambord. Pour 6 oz. of 7up in next. Stir and then float a splash of grenadine syrup on top.

    Electric Lemonade is refreshing, fruity and tart. It is a lemonade lover's drink. It is very simple to make; just pour one shot of raspberry vodka into a 6-oz. glass of lemonade. Garnish with a half of lemon slice.

    Life's Lemon Razz is a tart, fruity drink that is a crowd pleaser. Pour one shot of lemonade into a 10- to 12-oz. glass filled with ice. Followed by 4 oz. of lemonade and 3 oz. of 7up. Stir. This fizzy fruity drink will be a party favorite. Float a lemon ring slice on top.

    Summers Rise is a modern take on an old favorite, the screw driver. Fill a 10- to 12-oz. glass with ice. Pour in one shot glass full of raspberry vodka and fill the rest of the glass with orange juice. Stir and then float grenadine syrup on the top. It is a great drink for the summer heat.

    Raspberry Fields Martini is a great drink for happy hour. Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice. Pour 4 oz. of raspberry vodka over the ice. Pour 1 oz. of Chambord into the shaker. Let sit for about 2 minutes. In the meantime, take a martini glass and fill with ice cubes and water. Let that sit for the remainder of the 2 minutes. Throw out the ice water in the martini glass. Put a strainer on top of the cocktail shaker and carefully shake in a sideways motion. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into the chilled martini glass. You now have the most refreshing fruity martini of the summer. You can garnish with a lemon strip.

Warm And Cozy Winter Drinks With Raspberry Vodka

  • Toasted Raspberry is made with hot chocolate. It will warm you on even the coldest of nights. Start with a coffee mug three-quarters of the way filled with hot chocolate and add one shot of raspberry vodka. Float tiny marshmallows on the top. Now go sit by a roaring fire and relax.

    Raspy CoCo--For this drink you need a coffee mug filled three-quarters of the way with hot chocolate. Pour in one shot of raspberry vodka and one shot of coconut rum. Hot and tropical, this drink will melt away the winter blues.

    Cream Filled Raspberry Chocolate--You will make this drink with cold hot chocolate. Even though it is served cold, it is a thick comforting winter drink. Make the packaged hot chocolate mix with milk instead of water. Shake it up well so it is dissolved. Pour into a 10- to 12-oz. glass filled with three-quarters of the way with ice. Pour in one shot of raspberry vodka and one shot of Irish Cream liqueur. Shake and serve. You have a drink to chase away the winds of winter.

    Razz Player is a drink that is made like a milkshake in a blender. Fill the blender halfway with ice. Put in 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream. Add one shot of raspberry vodka and one shot of Chambord. Put blender on medium and blend for about 1 minute. Pour into a large glass and serve up like a milkshake.

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