Easy Chicken Recipes


Learn how to cook chicken, prepared baked, fried & breaded, including basic ingredients, marinades, and frying tips, and safety and sanitation advice in these free video cooking lessons.

Series Summary

Chicken can be prepared in a number of ways, from healthy baked recipes to the delectable classic fried chicken. And perhaps no fried chicken recipe is quite as delicious as the homemade variety. Rediscover the art of cooking fried chicken in these free videos and you’ll never crave chicken from a bucket again. Or if you prefer your chicken prepared in a healthier manner, we offer this simple recipe for baked and baked breaded chicken as well.

In this series of free video cooking lessons you’ll learn the basics of chicken preparation. Expert chef Sean Roe demonstrates four methods of cooking chicken: pan-fried, baked, oil-fried, and breaded-fried. He begins with a list of ingredients you’ll need, offers tips on safety and sanitation, and discusses the various parts of the chicken, and marinades you can use to flavor the chicken prior to cooking. He then shows you step-by-step how to bake and fry chicken in various methods, and explains the importance of cooking chicken until it’s fully done.

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