The Ultimate Fried Chicken

Josh Ozersky uses Colonel Sanders's legendary spice mixture to season his fried chicken, which he pan-fries in oil and bacon fat (of course) to achieve golden-brown perfection.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh Ozersky, and you're watching I've been eating fried chicken my whole life, but I never thought about it as much. As this last year or so, that I was writing my biography of Colonel Sanders. And one thing that I found out, was the secret to Colonel Sanders' spices. Now, I'm going to make fried chicken. And right now, you can see that I have a big pan of oil, which I've been cooking some bacon in. Because I like to mix bacon fat in with my oil. But more important than the oil, more important even than the chicken. More important than the egg wash or the flour, is this. I discovered this stuff, this is called the 99-X Seasoning. This is actually the Colonel's original spice mixture. He made a deal with this company to make a spice mixture for him. I'm going to use it to make fried chicken with, and I think, you should too. Now, I got some flour, I put some 99-X in with it. So, I make it strong and I even put a little bit in the egg wash, that's what the Colonel called the egg wash. Alright, so, this chicken, you probably should soak it in seasoned buttermilk, overnight. So, what you do is, you take the chicken, it's cut up into pieces. The chicken goes into the egg wash, then it goes into the flour, like this. You have hot oil here, it's not deep fried, it's pan fried. And pan frying is the way fried chicken is supposed to be made. The fact of the matter is, no great fried chicken has ever been made in a French fry machine, it's really as simple as that. It gets cooked on all sides simultaneously, this way you have some control. Half of it is cooking on one side, the other half is cooking on the other side. You could move it around, you can take one piece out, you could take another piece out. Some people will put the chicken in the flour and then, back again in the egg and then, back again in the flour. I don't like that, I think that chicken should be very light and very crispy. Now, I don't want ti to cook too fast, my heat maybe a little bit high. But it's better that your heat's a little too much, and you turn it down. When you put that chicken into the pan, you have to make sure that it sizzles right away. If it doesn't , if it just sits there, then it's going to become all a greasy mess. So, just in this time, this guy's getting nice color. It should be like kind of a Florentine gold, really a straw color. This one's not ready, let's see how is this guy going. And by the way, always, always, always leave room for those bubbles to come up. All those bubbles are water that's going out into the oil, or I should say the oil, bacon fat mix. That has to have room to happen, that's what's going to keep it going good. That's what's going to keep the chicken browning properly, it's going to keep the temperature where you want. It's going to keep it from becoming like a big SteamPunk exercise. This is the first piece that went on, I have a feeling that this is about done. Fried chicken takes a while to make, you can't get around that. Once they go from being very light and straw color, once they've been in for about ten minutes or so, 15 minutes at most. Generally, I think, they're generally pretty much done. Fried chicken from the pan with 99-X Seasoning. I'm Josh Ozersky, thank you for watching, check me out again on

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