Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

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The finishing touch to your elegant Christmas party is a breathtaking table centerpiece. Draw in your guests with these elegant centerpiece ideas presented by an event planning expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi welcome. My name is Lisa Mohyla. I am the founder of Exquisite Events. I'm going to show you how to make an elegant Christmas centerpiece. The materials you are going to need are pine cones, silver glitter spray paint, wire cutters, scissors, sequins, ribbon, a candle and a candle holder and flower holder that I purchased at a JoAnn's or Michael's, and you can purchase something similar. You're also going to need cranberries, some water and I used red roses which are just so beautiful and Christmas-y. Just paint your pine cone, short first like so. We're going to take our silver charger, our candle and flower holder and the pine cones are just going to go right around the bottom. I'm going to take one of these out so we can fit a pine cone inside. We take our candle and our sequins ribbon, we're going to take our pins and this is why you need your wire cutters, we're going to take our wire cutters, because these are about an inch and a half long it's too long and too difficult to push all the way into the candle. So, you want to cut it probably about a quarter inch to a half inch. So, you're going to take your ribbon. We're going to cut this end off here like so and we're going to start right at the top of our candle and we're just going to secure the ribbon to the candle with our pin and I'm going to line it up. I'm going to place another pin as such, push it right into the candle like so and I'm going to continue down, it's kind of like a candy cane, very pretty, red and white. We're going to cut this. So, when you're finishing the candle, you're going to wrap this around, take another of the same type of pin and just secure it. After we're done with that, we're going to take our flower arrangement holder and candle holder back, place our candle as such. Now the fun part is we are going to take cranberries and fill these, and you can fill them all the way. We're going to go ahead and add a little bit of water, just enough for our rose stems to get drinks when they're thirsty. We're going to take our roses, I'm going to use about two, maybe even three per holder and we're going to cut right here and they don't all have to match but what you really want is you want the vase to be full and not look like, you know, it's just kind of an afterthought and there you have your elegant Christmas decoration. It's so pretty, very festive, use your creativity and have fun with it. This is Lisa with Exquisite Events. Happy holidays.


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