How to Replace a Fuse in Your Car

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All cars have two fuse boxes with fuses that regulate your car's electric systems. Replace your car's fuses with the advice of an automotive expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jody DeVere with, automotive advice for women. I'm here at one of my certified female friendly locations Puente Hills Hyundai, to talk about how to replace a burned out fuse in your car. All cars have two fuse boxes. One is right in the driver's door right by your knee usually. The other one is usually under your hood. And sometimes hard to find. So, the best place to locate it is by looking in your owner's manual. Each fuse is related to an electronics device in your car. Lets just say for instance your iPod or your radar detector suddenly stops working. It maybe that you've blown a fuse. So, let's find the fuse box in, under the hood and locate the fuse box and see what it looks like. I'm here with Javier. He's going to show us where to, our fuse box in this vehicle. As you can see there's a little guide here that tells you how each fuse relates. There's also some extra fuses and a little fuse removal tool. You can also sometimes just pinch them out with your fingers. Or if it's really stubborn, use needle-nose pliers to get the fuse out. Sometimes just by looking at the fuse you could tell whether it's burned out or not. And the chart will tell you which fuse this relates too. There are replacement fuses right in the fuse box. Now, if you are going to replace a fuse, you want to make sure that you are putting an exact replacement fuse in. If you don't find that in your replacements, go to a local part store and take the fuse with you and get an exact replacement. And then you can just pop it right in there. Here go ahead. You just pop it right in there with your fuse tool just like that. Really easy task to complete. Just make sure that after you have replaced the fuse that you turn your car back on and check the electronics device that wasn't working. It's not always your battery that isn't causing your electrical system to work right. It could be a fuse. And now you know how to change it yourself. So, your fuse box is very similar to the fuse box at home that you need to pop on and off once in a while to keep your house electricity running. Each fuse relates to a different accessory item in your car. And now you know how to locate those fuses and replace them. And that makes you smart and car savvy.


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