How to Check Brake Fluid

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Your brake fluid should be checked regularly to maintain working levels. Check your brake fluid with the advice of an automotive expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. Jody DeVere with, automotive advice for women. I'm here today at one of my certified female-friendly locations, Pawnee Hills Hyundai, to talk about how to check your brake fluid. Now your brake system and your brake fluid is supremely important to your safety. These are the systems that help stop you car, so learning how to check your brake fluid is really important. Most cars today have a clear brake fluid reservoir that you can see through to check to see if the level is full or not. Now, one of the things about checking your brake fluid that's very important is that you wipe off the cap and the outer container before you open it. You do not want to get any kind of road grime or debris in your brake fluid while you're refilling it. You also want to use the brake fluid that is recommended for your vehicle; usually it is dot 3 or dot 4. Also, you want to use new - an unopened bottle - brake fluid, as brake fluid actually degrades over time, and should not be used after a year. Many people mark the bottle with the date and then discard it at the year mark. You don't want to put old brake fluid into your braking system. Jody DeVere, again with AskPatty, automotive advice for women. Let's recap: your brake fluid is a very important fluid to check at each oil change interval. You also want to check your owner's manual for the entire fluid replacement, which in most vehicles in two years or 24,000 miles. Make sure that you use an unopened bottle of brake fluid. You also want to pour slowly, definitely tighten the cap on, and check in a few days again to make sure that it still shows full. And I call that being smart and car savvy.


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