How to Make Centerpieces With Wine Glasses

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Wine glasses make an interesting focal point for a table centerpiece. Design an elegant table centerpiece with the help of an event planner in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, welcome, my name is Lisa Mohyla, and I am the founder of Exquisite Events and today I'm going to show you now to make centerpieces using wine glasses. You are going to need some Velum paper, you can get it at any local arts and crafts store, 8 1/2 X 11. You're going to need a pattern for a lamp shade. You will need some scissors, preferably some with a designer edge and you are going to need glitter pens and also a tea light. The first thing you are going to do is take your pattern which you can Google, it's the wine glass candle lamp and it's a nice outline for the actual lamp shade. I did not use these cut outs but you are more than welcome to of course. You would need an X-Acto knife if you are going to do that. Just take your Vellum paper, simple, simple, simple, trace, that's it. And then you are going to cut it out with a pair of decorative scissors. So, I am just going to go around and lightly take off any pencil markings, comes right off, super easy. You don't barely even need to apply pressure. We're going to go ahead and pick out the colors we want to use from our glitter pens. I've chosen these different colors and I am going to make flowers. Flowers are really easy. You could obviously do anything you want but, you know, little balls, little circles, flowers for holidays, snowmen. I'm trying to think of some just easy odds and end shapes. Use your creativity, go crazy. What I also like about the glitter pens is that it actually when it dries makes a natural pleat in the Vellum paper. So, that's really neat, more and more like a real lamp shade. So, we've placed our tea light in our wine glass, just like so and now we're going to just take a glue stick, one that dries clear. We're going to run it right down the edge and what I've done as well is I've taken the glue stick and I've run a rim of glue right around the glass here, a strip of glue right around the rim of the glass because this way your lamp shade will stay put and then you just pull it tightly so that it's even and you have an adorable centerpiece for any holiday party, for any festive occasion and it makes a great party favor. People love to take them home. So, there you have your wine glass place setting and/or centerpiece. Have fun, be creative. Your guests will be wowed, and happy planning. This has been Lisa with Exquisite Events.


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