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Ornament crafts make great mementos of childhood. Create heirloom ornaments with the help of an experienced elementary school teacher in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Cherie Donahue, and I'm going to share with you today some Christmas ornament crafts for kids. Okay, so I have three different ornaments hanging on this little tree here that we're going to make today. The first one is a little almond duck. And this make using an actual almond and a pompom ball for the head and a little piece of foam or anything that you can find that would be brown that you could cut out for that beak part. This is a little piece of foam board. And two black little button eyes that are like little tiny beads. But again, anything that you can find that you could glue on. You even could probably use a little dab of paint for the eyes too if you can't find something. And there's a ribbon in the back of that duck. So, this is really simple to make. You're going to take your almond, you can but this at the grocery store, and then you're going to take a pompom ball, a green pompom ball and glue that using a hot glue gun on top of the almond. You're going make sure that you glue it so that the larger part of the almond is the front where the head will go and it comes to a point in the back for the tail. You're going to glue your pompom ball on top and then you're going to add with hot glue gun or tacky glue or Elmer's glue, that little brown nose on the duck. And then tie a little red ribbon goes right behind the head and then your two little black eyes. Then you can use ribbon, string, you can buy some gold string at the craft store to use to hang your ornament. And again that can be just hot glue gun on the back and that works perfectly. You can make a whole bunch of these. They are very very inexpensive and really look cute hanging on the Christmas tree. The second ornament that we're going to make is a jingle bell wreath. This is really fun and easy. Kids like to do a lot of stringing with beads or bells so it's fun to do this little craft. You need a green pipe cleaner. And then you're going to needs some gold jingle bells. You can also buy some red bells if you like but if you don't have red bells, you can just use red craft beads. And you just take your pipe cleaner and you're going to string those golden little beads all around on the pipe cleaner and every so often put in a red bead for that little bit of berry look on your wreath. Then when you're done stringing all those beads on, you're going to twist the top together and then taking your green ribbon, tie it around at the top of the pipe cleaner. Then make a red ribbon bow and you glue that on with just a little dab of hot glue gun right there. This is really fun to hang on the Christmas tree or you can hang it on the door handle or anywhere around your house. You can also make this in a larger version too if you want a little of a larger piece maybe not necessarily for the tree. And then we have a gingerbread man. This cute little gingerbread man you can make using recycled paper bags. This one was used, we traced using a cookie cutter. Got a cookie cutter shape and we took a paper bag. Can place it on the paper bag, use a pencil to trace around the outside or around the inside of your cookie cutter to make your shape and then use your scissors to cut out that shape. I like to have a double. Two pieces of the bag so I cut it together and then I can glue it. This particular one was a little bit more advanced, it was stitched around with a sewing machine with a little thin, thin layer of batting inside which you can do that. But if your kids are going to be making them, this themselves, you can just used two of the cut paper bags and glue it together. Buttons hot glue gunned on and a little ribbon bow tie. You can use a black sharpie pen to make cute little eyes on this and then again, hang it with a string. And that makes a great fun ornament too.


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