Winter Themed Crafts for Kids

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Winter themed crafts can be used as a great non-denominational project. Create great winter themed crafts with the help of an experienced elementary school teacher in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Christmas Crafts for Kids
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Cherie Donohue, and I'm going to share with you a couple of winter themed projects that you can do with kids at home or in the classroom. Okay, so I have two crafts here that you can do at home with your kids that are really fun or these make great crafts for the classroom also. The first one is either a card. Doesn't have to be a card it could just be a poster too if you don't want to fold it in half. And it's made with oil pastels and glitter. Kids love glitter and they love to do anything that has to do with glitter. So, add a little bit of glitter and they'll have some fun. What you are going to do is take a dark piece of construction paper cause the oil pastels kind of make a neat effect on that dark piece of construction paper. And then get some oil pastel crayons. They're used just like crayons. And you can draw any picture that you want on the front of this. I just drew a quick Christmas tree. I drew it with the oil pastel green first and left some space for some different colored bulbs. And when you are done with that you can add little presents underneath or other decorations. But when you are done you are going to take some rain drops of Elmer's glue. I like to call them rain drops so kids don't use too much of it. You are going to set this down, open up your glue and just let the glue come out in a little tiny rain drop in a few different spots on your tree. If you are doing this craft in the classroom you might want to give them a limit. And say hey kids you can use five or six rain drops on your craft and that way they don't go crazy with the glitter and it makes less of a mess for you. So, they can add a little bit of glitter and it makes it sparkle. You can hang this on a bulletin board or if you are doing this at home you can make it into a card. Or just hang it on the wall during the holiday season. The second craft I use was a little painting that I'll finish here. And it's just a winter scene. I did a couple of green trees using some acrylic paint but you can use poster paint or any kind of paint that you have around the house. The green was done first with the brown trunks. And then I used white at the bottom for the snow. And to make the little tiny dots of snow I like to use a paintbrush but not the typical part of the paintbrush, the bottom part here. And I take paper plate and put a little bit of white paint in it. Dip the paintbrush into that white paint and then I go ahead and use the bottom of this to make those nice white circles on your picture of your snow picture. And then it's fun to add some glitter on this. Also you can use some sparkley dusting powder. And it's nice to use an old glue stick or some type of clear stick that has kind of a round dauber on this. And you can press it down around your picture and sprinkle some glitter on it. And again if you want to limit it and say hey kids you can do five or six little stamps of glue that helps to lower the mess that it might make in the classroom. And then it's fun to offset this on a frame. You can hang this on a bulletin board. Or if you are doing this at home you can just hang it up on the refrigerator. You can glue this onto another piece of paper. And by the way the paper I used for this was extra card stock paper. You can buy this in a package at the craft store. It's really inexpensive, it's kind of their scraps and leftovers. But it makes a great way to do paintings. Sometimes it's nice to give kids a smaller canvas to use because they'll take their time and they will fill the space more then if you give them a really large piece of paper. So I'm Cherie Donohue, and those were a couple of winter themed crafts that you can do with kids in the classroom or at home.


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