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Funny Christmas cards add a little laughter to your holidays. Spread holiday cheer using funny Christmas cards with the help of a visual artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Jeanette Conner, a Visual Artist of eight plus years, and today I'm going to teach you how to make funny Christmas cards. So, for this project, you're going to need a funny graphic of some sort. For mine, I'm going to use this snowman that's holding a bowl and a spoon for what do snowman eat for breakfast. What I did is I just drew my snowman on the specialty paper and then, I glued down this die cut frame and then I just cut around so that I got this nice little frame, specialty paper snowman. You can do the same thing and you can just trace the picture onto the velum or you can just a graphic and you don't have to specialty paper; I just thought it add a nice flare. And then you're going to need card paper, a pen to write with; I'm just going to use a Sharpie 'cause it has good thick ink and it'll show up well and of course glue stick and I have these stickers of snowflakes that I'm going to use for the inside to decorate. So, we're just going to fold our paper into fourths; this is twelve by twelve paper. It'll give us a good size to a card. So,we're just going to fold our paper into fourths; a twelve by twelve paper, will give us a nice size card and I think I'm going to have the card open up this way, instead of the traditional this way. So, I'm going to take my snowman, I'm going to find a good spot to put him down and then, I'll take my glue stick and just go over the backside. Take and rub glue on the edges, don't glue in the middle of the velum because it will make the velum crinkle. If you're using other paper that's fine. And then, just center it on your paper and stick it down well. If you want to decorate on the outside of the card more, you can always put more stuff around the edges like ribbon or more die cuts. And on the inside, I'm just going to write my special message, my funny joke which I think what is snowman eat for breakfast is a pretty funny joke. So, I'm just going to write. If you don't like your handwriting, you can also stamps or letter stickers. And then, I have my snowflake to represent the answer; stick that up. Then, you can always write your personal message underneath and I think it's fun to use colored pencils. And there you go. That's how you make a funny Christmas card, just for the simple joke like that and a cute drawing. This is Jeanette Conner and today, we learned how to make funny Christmas cards.


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