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Making personal cards adds a special touch to your holiday writing. Personalize your holiday greetings with the help of a visual artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Jeanette Conner, a Visual Artist of eight plus years and today, I'm going to teach you how to make personal cards for the holidays. So for this project you're going to need card paper with an elegant design, another piece of decorative paper for the inside, cut to match the size of the card, specialty paper like velum or parchment paper or rice paper, a fine tipped writing utensil like this pen, glue and stickers. I'm going to be using a mistletoe sticker for my craft book. I'm just going to stick it right here for now. And you can either write your introduction for the card on the front, but I'm not use this "Tis the season" sticker because I have a cute idea for our personal card. So, what we're going to do first is we're going to use the specialty paper. Specialty paper just gives your personal card and a nice elegant look. So, you're just going to lay your specialty paper over and using your pen and a ruler, I like to leave a little bit of space outside so that the velum sticks out of your card a little bit. So, I'm just going to draw a straight line, not a crooked line so that I know where to cut my paper. And make sure your paper is a little bit longer than one half of your card so that you have a space to glue it down. And then just cut on the other side of that black line all the way around; try not to crease your velum. So then, you're just going to take it and line it up where you want to put it and you're going to want to glue down that one part of the velum. So, just line that other side with glue right here and then stick your paper down in place and you rub it down like that and you just fold your card back to make the crease. And then, I'm just going to go along here and cut off that extra little piece of velum now that I have a crease to go by. And then we're going to take our other piece of paper to hide the velum and we're going to stick it on this side and I'm just going to glue that down. So, just make a big square and an X with your glue and take your paper down, like so. Okay? So, we're going to take our, "Tis the season" sticker and then we're going to put it on the front here end and then, we're going to take our mistletoe sticker and we're going to put it inside of here. And then, you're going to take your pen and write your message. And so, my message is going to be, "Tis the season to kiss me under the mistletoe", and just use your nicest handwriting. And if you're afraid of making a spelling mistake, you can write it in pencil first and then write it in pen. And then just sign it however you want. I'm going to say, "Love, Santa Claus". And there's how you make your personal homemade Christmas card. This was Jeanette Conner and today, I taught you how to make personal cards for the holidays.


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