Christmas Bookmark Crafts for Kids

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Bookmark crafts can be personalized for the holidays, including Christmas. Create a personalized Christmas bookmark with the help of an experienced teacher in this free video.

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Hi, I'm Cherie Donohue, and today I'm going to show you some different Christmas bookmarks that you can make at home. So, there are a lot of fun bookmarks that you can make at Christmas time. You can use construction paper bookmarks. My favorite one to make is one using a ribbon. What you're going to do for this type of bookmark, is cut a piece of ribbon, oh, about six inches long or so, and it can be any kind of ribbon that you like. But, a flat, just smooth ribbon works really well rather than a wired ribbon, because you want it to be able to be kind of floppy and lay inside of your book. What I did for this bookmark was I took some leftover Christmas cards from last year's Christmas holiday, and I took the card, chose one, let's say if I was going to use this one here. I kept it folded in half, so I had the front and the back, and I took a pair of scissors, and just cut around the shape that I liked. In this card, I would maybe cut around this Santa Claus. After cutting around it, you're going to end up with two separate pieces, one from the front, and one from the back of what you cut. When you have those two separate pieces, you're just simply going to open up the two pieces, put the ribbon down in the middle of one of the pieces. Using some Elmer's Glue, attach it with the glue, and then line up the front side on top, and again, attach it with some glue. Let that dry, and continue to do the same process for the other side also. When it's all dry, you're going to have a really cute bookmark that can fit right inside any book, and it kind of hangs out on one side, and inside the other. And this is a great little gift that you can give to somebody, or make for yourself at home. There's also a few other ways that you can make some bookmarks. One is using some tag board of any color of your choice, and it's fun to take a hot glue gun, and glue gun on some different embellishments. Here, I just used some holly berry leaves that I bought at the craft store, and some red berries that I snipped, took a hot glue gun, and glued them onto the top. And then, after that, you can add your name, you can add stickers, you could draw a picture with markers, you could use puff paints, there's so many different things that you could put on this bookmark to personalize it. Also, just using construction paper. I used a hole punch out here for this one, I put my daughter's name, Jill, using a white oil pastel marker on the black, and added some gold embellishments with a gold, this case it's red, but a glitter pen. So, that makes it fun, all the kids like to use glitter. And then, there's stickers that I added to this side of that, and that's a fun bookmark, too. Another thing that I like to use are old gift tags. These are great, small, little pieces that are already done of artwork that you can cut around again, and glue onto a bookmark. My daughter did this one, and we wrote "Jill" on it. Use that start cutout again, and just put a holly, or a poinsettia leaf there. And then, some glitter, markers, stickers, all of these make really fun, great bookmarks that kids can make in the classroom or at home, using materials around your house. So, I'm Cherie Donohue, and those are some Christmas bookmark crafts that you can make at home.


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