How to Gift Wrap a Scarf

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When it comes to gift wrap, boxes are boring -- why not give your scarf an extra elegant twist with unique wrapping ideas? Create the perfect gift from a scarf using this free video by a certified image consultant.

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When you're giving a scarf as a gift, you can always put it in a box and wrap it as usual. But why not make your scarf part of the gift? I'm going to show you, how to gift wrap a scarf, today. My name is Kelly Machbitz, and I'm your Tampa Bay fashion expert. We're going to start with a large, square scarf, we're going to turn it with the print side, down. And this first gift is great for you, if you have items that are of similar size, like these two books, nice, square items. We're going to place the books at opposite corners of the scarf. And you're going to fold the books over, into the scarf. Two folds on one, two folds on the other. Then, you're going to grab the opposite two corners, the lose ends. You're going to cross them in front and you're going to lift the books, one over the other, like so. Next, you're going to take the ends and you're going to twist them, tie them in a knot to secure. And now, you've created this cute little purse looking gift, that has two books and a fabulous, little scarf inside. For our next wrap, we're going to gift wrap a bottle. Many times, you'll give a bottle of wine or a bottle of liqueur as a gift, and you also want to give a scarf. So, we're leave our scarf with the print side, down on our table. So, that I place the bottle in the center of the scarf. Picking up the four corners, meeting in the middle, gathering them up. And you can tie it, either with a ribbon or you can secure it with a rubber band. I've got a rubber band here, it makes it quick and easy. And then, you're going to just fluff the ends over. And here you have a fabulous gift wrap for your bottle. We are also going to use our bottle, which is always a popular gift. Laying our scarf out, again, print side, down. You're going to take two corners, opposite ends. You are going to tie them in a square knot, at the top of the bottle. You're going to take the opposite two ends, the lose ends, wrap them around the bottle, all the way around. So, they meet in front again. And then, you're going to secure in a cute little knot, here. And that's how you gift wrap your scarf, I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert.


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