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When holding your knitting needles, keep in mind that there are different methods of holding your needles. Discover the easiest method of holding your knitting needles with advice from an award-winning knitter in this free video on knitting.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Serena Nelson. I've been knitting for about five years. I enjoy knitting for my friends and family and myself. I'm going to demonstrate how to hold your knitting needles. Now, when you're holding your knitting needles, one thing to keep in mind is, there's different methods of holding your needles. I'm going to demonstrate, what is called the English method. And that is where you're going to hold your needle, that'll have your stitches on it, in your left hand. And you will hold your yarn and your other needle, in your right hand. So, when you pick up your needle, you kind of, you have the thumb to the front of it, a little bit, to just, up against the needle there. And your index finger on the top, to stabilize those stitches. And then, your yarn is going to hang here and you're going to be threading your yarn through your right hand. So, your right hand needle, you're going to pick up and hold it like this. When you insert your right needle through there, you kind of, just have your thumb here, a little bit. And then, you're going to take the yarn in your right hand, twist it around and pull your stitch off that. So, your yarn is always staying in your right hand. And you're using that index finger to, kind of, like I said, stabilize those stitches. And that's all there is to holding your knitting needles. Once again, this is the English method of knitting and that is where the yarn is held in your right hand. There's also the other version which is called picking or sometimes speed knitting. And that one is opposite, you actually hold our yarn in your left hand. But for this demonstration, this was how to do the English version. Once again, my name is Serena, and this has been how to hold your knitting needles.


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