How to Wrap a Gift Elaborately

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The key to wrapping a gift elaborately is to use plenty of beautiful ribbon and an element of surprise. Find out how you can elaborately wrap your gift with advice from a professional organizer in this free video on gift wrapping ideas.

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Hi! I'm Krista Colvin, a professional organizer and creator of Organize The Whole SheBang: The Smart Woman's Guide to Doing It All. I'm going to show you how to elaborately wrap a gift. Here are the items you need: your gift box, wrapper paper, if you're going to use wrapping paper, but this is such a nice gift box and we don't need it and you can save a little bit of money and be green, beautiful ribbon, that's a key to wrapping an elaborate gift, and element of surprise. I like the idea of using a little sticker and this happen to be some quotes. And then also an accessory. These are some large, fake flowers that you can use in your gift. So step one, cut your ribbon. And I bought extra large on this because I'm going to wrap all four sides of the gift box. So I'm going to flatten out my ribbon, look for the center of it. And if it's safe go ahead and set your box, face down, top down. Bring your ribbons up and on this I'm doing two different kinds of ribbons. That just makes it all the more lush. When I wrap it around, I'm going to have to turn the ribbon so that more textured ribbon is on the outside and do that while you are on the back side of the gift. And keep your ribbon flat when you're doing this. And a little trick that I do is when I am tucking it under, I also take it under the ribbon that we first wrapped around. So see how tucking it under there. And I'm going to hold that and before I'd make the bow, I'm going to go ahead and create a knot. This is always a lot easier when you have extra set of hands. Okay, so I got my knot tied. Just going to double check my ribbon length, it's good. Then I'm going to add the accessory. So this is really over sized. It could work if you want to use a wire cutter and trim that down, and that works better probably on that big box. This one is a little better suited. I'm going to tuck that under there. And then I'm just going to use one of my ribbons to secure this on. Okay, my greenery is secure. I can go ahead and do my bow. When you're wrapping a gift like this and you have a lot of ribbon, you just have to be a little more patient and slow when you make this so that you can do it right. And one of these ribbons if you can tell, it has it's punched out. So I'm going to be careful not to tear it. Okay, so I have my bow done. It's wider so it's great to just poof it up and make it big, make a statement with it. You can still adjust it a little bit. Take a look at the length. And this one it could be a little shorter but you know I like it longer like that. And this side, I need to trim up. Okay, I also cut this at a angle on both sides. Okay? Then you think the little element of surprise is to add a little saying. So depending on the situation, if it's a wedding or it's a birthday, you can pick your saying so. It's a professional organizer, I love this one. Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or to be beautiful. That's by William Morris. So I'm going to add that one and I'm just going to put that down in the corner. It's a great little element, unexpected element. And on a gift like this, I highly recommend putting the card on the inside of the gift so that the card doesn't get lost. And if you forget to do that then I would tape the card underneath or even on the back of the package especially for weddings. So this is a simple way to wrap your gift but be creative. You can use different color ribbons, you can use fresh flowers if you'd like. If you use a fresh flower, make sure it's a sturdy one so it won't wilt and go to pieces before you get to the party. And fresh greenery is also really sturdy. Ivy is really strong or pieces of boxwood would also be beautiful. Be creative, balance out your package with the right size ribbon and you have a beautiful gift to give. I'm Krista Colvin and this is how you gift wrap elaborately.


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