Beginners Guide to Stained Glass

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As a beginner in making stained glass, choose pieces of glass that are very smooth and easy to cut, and create simple patterns that can be completed within a few weeks. Avoid complicated projects as a beginner with helpful instruction from an experienced glass artist in this free video on glasswork.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Shannon Materio and this Jurgen Grauer. We're here at McMow Art Glass, and we're going to give you some tips to keep it simple as a beginner doing stained glass. Well, first of all, when you choose your glass, it's important that you stay with a smoother glass. For example, we have some of these glasses that are very rippled. Of course, you know, this is the side you cut on where it's not so rippled. It's a beautiful, beautiful glass, but in the beginning you want to choose something what is a lot smoother. For example, what Shannon's showing over here. It's still a very beautiful glass with great color to it, but it's very easy to cut. It's consistent and it's nice and smooth. The next thing that we find people do to making mistakes when they're beginners is, they choose patterns that are much too complicated and they get very frustrated. Yes, you know, even Tiffany and people like that, they all started with simple steps. And that's the most important, because if you get frustrated doing your little projects, then what will happen is you don't want to advance, you don't have fun anymore, and you'll probably get discouraged and we don't want you to do that. And remember, this is supposed to be fun, so choose some things that are fun for you. Pick a pattern that you're going to enjoy doing. And the fun, great thing about it is, you're going to see it rather quickly. So within a want to pick something you can get done within a few weeks. And when you're soldering you piece, which is your final step, don't get frustrated. The one thing that you can keep redoing over and over again is soldering.


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