How to Make a Single Rose Bouquet

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To make a bouquet from a single type of rose, strip off the greenery from each stem, cross the stems into a bundle, arrange the blooms in a symmetrical way and tie off the bouquet with floral wire. Find out how to create a simple round bouquet with helpful tips from a professional florist in this free video on wedding flowers.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Crystal Nassar with Tuscany Florist in Rancho Mirage, California and I am going to show you how to make a single rose bouquet. I've decided to use lavender roses and I like to use roses that are very open and full. It makes it a lot; it makes it flow a lot easier 'cause we're not going to use a bouquet holder for this. So just start with crossing the stems and take the greenery out. So we're just going to start with the angles. We want them to be a nice; we want them to be level. We want the roses to be level with each other and you can always fix the bouquet while you're going; making sure that they're all level and just kind of turning it and I like to make them pretty full. You can stop when you feel that it's too, getting too heavy; but I think that they're, they're, it's a nice size when it's about between twenty and twenty four roses. So just about two dozen and see, so I'm turning; kind of turning the stems, making sure the greeneries off as I go and just look for empty spaces and make sure that it's coming together worthy of pictures. And let's see; it's just starting to look shape beautifully shape beautifully. So just I keep turning it; you see I'm crossing the stems; you don't want to put them all level and then the heads will start breaking off. So it's starting to look real nice and you can use tight roses; I just think it's a lot easier when they're popped open a little bit. It looks more like an English type of rose. See how that's starting to look? Okay, almost finish. I think it's getting to be a nice size; we don't want to make it too big. I think that's a good size. Now, we're going to cut the stems, okay. I have a cutter, a floral cutter which I can just chop them out once; but what you can do is just use your flower cutters and make the stems as even as possible. We're going to cut it one more time so don't worry if it's not perfect. Okay. And now you're going to get the rubber band and put it on one or two stems, twist it tight; okay; and then grab another couple of stems and now your bouquet is not going to fall apart. So, make sure you have a clean surface and you're going to tie this simple bouquet with your ribbon. I'm using ivory satin and just make it real simple or you can ask somebody to hold it for you if you have somebody that can help and I'm just tying it at the top and then putting a knot in the ribbon. Taking one end and just twisting it around; trying not to wrinkle it too much; take the other end and go opposite direction that you just did and then you're going to tie them together in another knot. We have covered the rubber band; tight and cut the ribbon however line you want it to be and now we're going to cut the stems perfect. So put them together and you want to, "Oops", one more slice and there you have a beautiful single rose bridal bouquet.


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