Circular Knitting: Finishing a Baby Hat

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Knitting every two stitches together is the last step in making a baby hat with circular knitting. Finish a baby hat in circular knitting with tips from a knitting teacher in this free video on knitting in the round.

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Video Transcript

You're very last decreased round, you will take your markers out and you'll be knitting every two stitches together. And this is the last step before you're finished with your hat. So you're going to knit. It's very tight. And your just going to knit every stitch, every two stitches together. And it's a little clumsy. Alright and I'm going to take the needles away as I go because I'm not going to need them all in a moment. Knit the next two and the next two and the next two. So now I got just these few stitches left on the needle. Alright. Almost lost one there. I got six stitches left on the needle. You can see that there. Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to cut the yard, thread that tapestry needle. Alright. And I'm going to run it through the stitches that are on the needle and take out the needle. And just run it through. And then when I take that all the way out and I'm going to draw it tight, the hat's closed off. Then what I like to do is kind of go through, catch those loops that we just sewed together and go through a second time just to get it a little bit more secure. Then you pull that. See how you got a nice swirl from the decreases. Then I'm just going to poke the needle into the inside of the hat and bring it through and that's where you'll begin to weave your ends in. So doing all that decreasing left a nice bump in here for me to wind my final thread through and I kind of just go in to the back of those extra stitches. If you find that there are any holes, you can kind of weave over them. Be a little creative and then you would just clean that up. And then you would want to go back to your cast on and weave in those ends. So again you would thread your tapestry needle and I'm on the wrong side of my hat. And I'm going to just run it along side the back of the stitches from my ribbing so it won't show. And go back down the other way. I trim that one. And one last end and a hat is born. Alright, I don't want to go where I was because it's going to get bumpy. So I'm just going to go over here because I have a little gap from my cast on and I want to tighten that up. So if I do that, I pull it together a little bit. And then I'll go in to the back of the stitches here. Run that up. Clean off that end. And you got a little baby hat.


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