Knitting Instructions: Garter Stitch

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A garter stitch is used to knit every row, which is why proper instruction is necessary. Learn to knit a garter stitch with expert tips from a knitting instructor in this free video about how to knit.

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Video Transcript

Since we're focusing first on the knit stitch before we go into the pearl stitch. The first stitch that you would do is called the garter stitch where you knit every row. So wrapping my yarn around my hand, I'm going to knit my row of stitches. And you knit every stitch. And you keep going to the end of the row. I should have cast on less stitches. And then when you get to the end of the row, the last stitch, you're going to take your yarn. Now all of the stitches that were on this needle are on this needle. And you switch hands, so you've got your empty needle in your right hand. And you're stitches to be knit in your left. And you're going to repeat that same row, that same stitch. You're going to knit it again. And this will produce what's called garter ridges. And you can make all types of garments and coasters and dog sweaters and kid sweaters just out of the knit stitch. And you would knit every row from beginning to end. And what you get are ridges. And this is a swatch where its all garter ridges. So the front and the back are exactly the same. And that's the garter stitch.


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