How to Snake a Sink Drain

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Before attempting to snake a sink drain, remove the P-trap and see if there's a blockage. Snake a sink drain with tips from a certified HVAC tech and plumber in this free video on plumbing repairs.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to snake a sink drain. Most common sense would tell you that may you would try to snake the sink actually through the top of the sink down into the drain pipes. But you really don't want to do it that way. It's easier just to remove your P trap and your tail piece assembly from behind the sink, and actually see if there's a blockage in there first before you even start messing with the snake. If you've done that already, if you've already removed your tail piece and your P trap, and there's no blockages there, then actually what you're going to do is you're going to remove the tail piece nut right here with a pair of channel locks. You're going to need a pair of channel locks, and you're actually going to remove this nut right here, you're actually going to loosen that up, just like so. And after you've gotten that removed and you've gotten the tail piece out of the way, then you're going to take your snake and you're going to run your snake right down into your drain down into the sewer. You're going to try to find your blockage, it's somewhere back behind the wall. Just by checking your P trap and all that you kind of eliminate this if you don't need to do it. Because if there's a blockage here, you won't even need to use this. But if you do need to use it, you need to get this stuff out of the way, you need to remove your P trap and your tail piece assembly there. Get that out of the way, then actually take your snake and run it down inside the pipe, just run it down in there as far as you can until you feel a blockage. Once you've got it where it won't go any farther, lock your wing nut in place, just like so. Grab your handle and actually spin it around just like that, and this thing will be in there spinning around inside the drain and it should remove any kind of blockage that you have. This is kind of a smaller model, this is usually good for around the house. But if you've got a major blockage somewhere, you might need to contact a professional and let them come out and take a look at it. If you've got any more questions about this, you can contact me at


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