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Seasoning for a beef brisket recipe include salt, barbeque sauce and brown sugar. Discover how to season beef briskets with expert tips from the owner of a BBQ restaurant in this free video about how to cook beef brisket.

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What I wanted to talk to you about, about the meat after you buy it. You can keep a cut of meat like this in the refrigerator for probably up to about five days. Here at Rib City we don't keep any of our food longer than five days. Most of the time it is smoked, and then we sell it within two or three. So you want to make sure that once you do buy it, you date it with a marker immediately so you know how long the meat's been in the refrigerator. The other thing I'm going to talk to you about right now is our different styles of barbeque. Here at Rib City, we're a southern-style barbeque, we usually don't rub our meat at all. But for briskets, in order to get the flavor, we rub with a blend of spices. And this is just a blend that I've picked up in the grocery store. What it does is it has brown sugar, and that's the best part of it. If you don't find the rub with brown sugar, then you can just add it. All this has is different season salts, spices, some parsley, and brown sugar. So that's what I've done. I'm going to take the rub, and all you do is just put it in your hands, and put it...sprinkle it right on the meat. And then, you're actually going to do exactly what it says, you're going to rub it in. So you're going to rub it in pretty heavy because what this does is adds the flavor to the toughness of the meat. So I'm just going to spray it on here, and can never put too much or too little. It depends on your taste. This style of barbeque is more of the rub style. We do a wet barbeque here at Rib City, but we'll get to that part later.


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