How to Keep a Wool Rug From Shedding

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Keeping a wool rug from shedding requires vacuuming it regularly to suck up any loose fibers, but placing the rug in a low-traffic area and matching the rug to the furniture color scheme can minimize the appearance of shedding. Maintain a wool rug with information from a professional house cleaner in this free video on housekeeping.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about how to keep your wool rug from shedding. Well, first off you cannot completely keep your wool rug from shedding. It's going to shed because it's made of wool ; it comes from an animal that sheds and it's going to shed. But there are some things you can do to minimize the shedding and to camouflage the shedding fibers that maybe on your other furniture or other parts of your house. First off if you're going to buy wool rug, try to put it in an area where it's not going to get a lot of traffic. The less people walk on it and the less friction on the rug, the less likely that it is to shed the fibers. Another thing, vacuum it regularly and I would say use the vacuum attachments because wool rugs are a little more sensitive and you don't want to suck the rug up into the vacuum. So use the vacuum attachments and vacuum it by hand. Another thing you want to consider when buying a wool rug is, what is the color of your furniture and the carpet that's already in your house. If you have a black sofa you don't want to get a white wool rug or if you have a white sofa, you don't want a black wool rug. So try to go with the same color tones so that the rug fibers won't be as obvious when they show up on your furniture because they will. There's no definite way and no quick fix way idea on how to keep a wool rug from shedding; but they are beautiful and there are ways that you can deal with it. If you can handle having a small pet in your house, then you can handle having your wool rug. Just vacuum it regularly; try to put it in a low traffic area and try to get other; you know, your sofa and your chairs and things like that; try to get them in the same color tone as your rug. It will make it less noticeable. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you keep a wool rug from shedding.


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