How to Put Silk Flowers on Wedding Cake


When putting silk flowers on a wedding cake, it's important to avoid putting them in a row, and instead looking at offsetting the numbers and alignment. Make a wedding cake look casual and formal with help from a chef in this free video on wedding cakes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Stringfield. I'm at Twiggs Bakery in San Diego, California. I'm going to show you how to put silk flowers on a wedding cake. So, first thing you want to do, these are obviously just little Gerber daisies. You can use any flower you want as long as it's a reasonable size. This is about the biggest flower that you'll want to use. I mean, you get something much bigger, it just, really sort of overwhelms the cake. If you get something really tiny, they don't really show up either. So, roses are classic, but I'm using Gerber daisies because they're happy little flowers. And so you just want to do a little topper like three or four. And, it's just a sort of your own design aesthetic. I think one thing you want to avoid is just having them in a row, down like this to me, that doesn't look too pleasing. So you want to do sort of offset 'em. Odd numbers I think always looks sort of good. But you can do a couple here, you know, a couple on the side, and then just that's sort of one of the classic things is you do sort of a little stair step thing, a zig zag thing. Another thing, I is just to alternate in groups of three, sort of three-three-three. That's another real classic thing to do. Kind of a, the more flowers you use, the more different colors you use, the more casual your cake looks, the fewer, the fewer colors you use, the more formal your cake looks. So if you use just like all white flowers on a white cake, that's the most formal cake. The more colors you're going to do is the more casual the cake looks. But I'd say if you want to use more than Gerber daisies, you're fine, just want to pop some leaves in. But I'll tell you, having done wedding cakes for about seventeen years, flowers are your friend. Flowers can cover up a world of sins in a wedding cake, honestly. When you deliver a cake, if you have a little spot that's gotten smeared or blotched, well hey, that's the perfect place for you to put a flower. Just sort of covers that up. So obviously whatever flowers you use, you just tie it to whatever flowers you're using in the wedding. It sort of ties the cake in with the rest of the wedding. But to me that's sort of nice looking cake. And that's what ya, that's how you put flowers on a cake.


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